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Opel Sintra

Opel Sintra 2.2 Dti and Bailey

Debbie Skelton reviewed on 27 January 2007 a Opel Sintra 2.2 Dti (116 PS/85 Kw, Year: 1998 - 1999) with a Bailey Ranger 500 of 1211 kg.

We have been using our Sintra just over a year now and found it to be brilliant. We have loads of space in the boot so we carry most of our caravaning stuff in there, our car copes very well. We had our holidays in Dorset and as we live in Hull it took us 8 hours to get there and to be honest it was a piece of cake, we had hills, narrow roads,sharpe bends and of course inpatient drivers, but we gor there stress free and in one piece. We have just sold our Elddis and got a Bailey so were hoping we have the same problem free towing for 2007.

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