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Seat Ibiza

Seat Ibiza ST 1.6 TDI and Eriba

John reviewed on 09 February 2013 a Seat Ibiza ST 1.6 TDI (77 Kw/105 PS, Year: 2010 - 2017) with a Eriba Puck 120 of 700 kg.

I have towed my Eriba all over Europe with different variants of the Seat Ibiza - First a 1.4 Petrol 70bhp then a Diesel 80hp 1.4 and currently a 1.6 105bhp Diesel - Obviously the 1.6 has more horses for the hills and pulls away better on a hill start - but all of the above mentioned models worked well on the front of an Eriba Puck. The caravan itself too - is absolutely perfect. There is nothing to match it for getting down narrow lanes as it is only the width of the car. Having said that - it is roomy inside and has everything bar a Toilet compartment - I address this problem with a Portapotti usually housed under the table - I carry an Induction Plate for cooking although the Eriba comes with a double gas ring hob, This saves the weight of a gas cylinder. The whole rig has survived some very windy trips along open motorways and NEVER gets blown around by Large Vehicles passing or being passed! Totally stable. Frankly I think the Eriba is towable at 120 miles per hour for anyone with the nerve to do it - it never swings around behind the car under any circumstances. Better still - it is so light it can be pushed manually into position on a site or for garaging. Yes - mine is stored in a garage - and you can still USE the garage for storage - it fits in perfectly.

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Seat Ibiza 1.9 TDI and Bailey

Dave Harvey reviewed on 19 July 2009 a Seat Ibiza 1.9 TDI (74 Kw/101 PS, Year: 2002 - 2008) with a Bailey Ranger 460/4 of 1172 kg.

I have a seat ibiza sport rider 1.9tdi 105bhp model. I tow a Bailey Ranger 460/4 which is a 2007 model, i read up all about the compatability of the outfit and it gave an resnable outcome. When we load the caravan we ensure that the nose weight is slightly higher than 50kg but less than 60kg as the allowable limit for the car is 50kg, on A/B roads the outfit is very good and pulls up hills no problem also the braking does not seem to be any problem at all.
On motorways and in 5th gear i tend to set the cruise control at 62mph and unless there is a very big incline the car will pull up the hills in 5th gear with not a lot of problem. We find that economy pulling it does 34mpg and solo it will do 57mpg so it does effect that some what. The only down sde is the car does not have a lot of room and for a big family would not be ideal also when it is windy it tends to sway the car a bit which is not the best exsperience.The outfit match is 94%.

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