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Seat Leon 1.9 TDI and Knaus

juan cortes reviewed on a Seat Leon 1.9 TDI (81 Kw/110 bhp year: april 2000 - september 2005) and a Knaus Sport 450 QU of (laden) 1250 kg.

he recorrido toda españa con 15600 km con carabana no he tenido ningun problemani subiendo ni bajando en autopista no baja de 90 o 100 sin problema tambien llevo un estavilizador muy grande

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Seat Leon 2.0 TDI and Elddis

Raymond Burnett reviewed on a Seat Leon 2.0 TDI (103 Kw/140 bhp year: september 2005 - january 2013) and a Elddis Avante 505 of (laden) 1358 kg.

This outfit is a very good towing set-up indeed. The car is extremly powerful with bags of torque making towing a pleasure. The caravan is very stable at speeds of 60 - 65mph with no snaking at all. A very good match even if just under matching guidlines.

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Seat Leon 1.9 TDI pd and Standaard Caravan

Chris M reviewed on a Seat Leon 1.9 TDI pd (110 Kw/150 bhp year: november 2001 - september 2005) and a Standaard Caravan of (laden) 1025 kg.

I tow a Compass Omega 430/5 1992 with an 05 Seat Leon TDI FR 1.9 150 bhp and what an excellent combination they make. I can use 6th gear down to 50mph a and easly accelerate up a incline with 5th gear. The car is always solid as a rock and it can't be faulted, apart from due to the car been a sports model I didn't get much change from £400 for a detachable towabar and single S14 socket - You couldn't even get a fixed towabr. Aside from that though it is superb. The only problem that it may have is the clearance. The sports suspension is perfect for towing and the noseweight is a good 75kg. I yet have to have a problem pulling on or off a slight due to the low ride but no doubt the traction control will help on slippy grass.

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