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Seat Toledo 2.0 TDI [DSG] and Swift

colin wellman reviewed on a Seat Toledo 2.0 TDI [DSG] (103 Kw/140 bhp year: november 2004 - june 2009) and a Swift Charisma 230 of (laden) 1280 kg.

the 2.0 ltr seat toledo dsg is a great tow car plenty of room loads of power.towing 2010 swift fairway 460.

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Seat Toledo 1.9 TDI S and Caravan

Martin reviewed on a Seat Toledo 1.9 TDI S (81 Kw/110 bhp year: may 1997 - november 2004) and a Caravan leeg: 1000 kg of (laden) 950 kg.

On a recent holiday to the Scottish Highlands pulling generally on flat motorway was fine in 5th gear at 60 mph and 34+ mpg. Motorway hills required a drop to 4th gear to maintain speed resulting in 24mpg or less. Steep A roads required 3rd gear to achieve 40mph and a measily 16mpg! Without pulling the van this car gives up to 54mpg! I am staggered at the reduced mpg and will be looking at getting a better match via whattowcar. Hill starts were no problem but acceleration was slow overall. Overtaking lorries on the mortorway was dicey once our caravan became level with their cab, the buffetting from the wind caused us to slow down and minor instability even with a stabilizer bar fitted. No problems reversing however. Caravan is an ABI Horizon 380/2 700kg unladen.

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Seat Toledo 2.0 TDI [DSG] and Swift

Paul Mckitterick reviewed on a Seat Toledo 2.0 TDI [DSG] (103 Kw/140 bhp year: november 2004 - june 2009) and a Swift Challenger 460 of (laden) 1284 kg.

this car is everything and more you need in a tow car. The seating position is extremely comfortable, you sit a little higher than in a normal car giving good vision and the torque and handling are just brilliant. I had a 2 litre vauxhall vectra before i bought this car and although i liked it i wouldn't compare it against the seat. When buying the toledo i would advise you to by the 2 litre 140bhp model and not the 105 bhp 1.9litre model. This is basically the same car as the altea but it has a larger boot and i would advise you that the altea, although maybe a little easier on the eye i opted for the practicalities of the bigger boot, having 2 children it is a decision i nver regretted. i hope this review helps.

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