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Ssangyong Korando

Ssangyong Korando e-xDi 220 [4WD] and Bailey

Marcus reviewed on 08 April 2019 a Ssangyong Korando e-xDi 220 [4WD] (178 PS/131 Kw, Year: 2016 - 2020) with a Bailey Pegasus Palermo of 1760 kg.

Great car bought as a 2nd car to tow our Bailey which is quite a heavy van, the Dealership made it clear this car would tow upto two tonnes, well on paper yes it will but they dont tell you that your mileage will drop to mid 20s, I am an experienced caravan owner for just over 20 years. Towed the caravan very well , very stable, the car does roll a bit in bends we got caught out by the Beast from the East in 2018 and the AWD system was adequate in snow, I would not normally tow in snow but I had no option, the system does tend to spin the front wheels a few times before the AWD kicks in but it was reassuring when it did, the ride is overly firm on flat surfaces and the car does feel a bit jittery, my only gripes about the car when towing is MPG and poor ride the cabin is a bit cheap but it does have a proper spare tyre and Jack which most cars today can only dream of. I give it 4 out of 5 stars.

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Ssangyong Korando e-xDi 200 and Elddis

Kevin reviewed on 05 June 2016 a Ssangyong Korando e-xDi 200 (150 PS/110 Kw, Year: 2013 - 2016) with a Elddis Crusader Scirocco of 1820 kg.

Bought our korrando2wd. Brand new 50miles on clock towed our twin axle elldis super sirocco 200mile trip lastweek for the first time on a roads towed fantastic plenty off power very stable hardly any movement set the trip computer Was showing 32.9 mpg when we got home. I rung ssangyong direct to see if the car was legal to tow our caravan has a lot off people was telling me it wasn\'t they assured me it was has a 2ton towing capacity which I knew a that\'s why we bought the car off to cornwall next month 900mile round trip BRILLIANT TOW CAR

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Ssangyong Korando e-xDi 200 [4WD] and Compass

Dave Fulton reviewed on 12 September 2015 a Ssangyong Korando e-xDi 200 [4WD] (150 PS/110 Kw, Year: 2013 - 2016) with a Compass Corona 462 of 1231 kg.

Just purchased a new Korando SE4 after reading various reports on its towing abilities. Another reason for our choice was its value.....a proper 4x4 diesel with electronic diff lock for under 17K.
Our first outing was quite a challenge with a trip through the Peak District with steep hills and sharp bends everywhere. The Korando towed our Compass Corona 462 (1231kgs) with ease whilst we rode in comfort.
On a blustery return journey on the M6 the car and caravan were totally stable. I am very impressed with the Korando and was even slightly disappointed that I didn't get chance to test its 4x4 credentials.
The ultimate measure of the car's performance was that I felt totally confident in its abilities and arrived at our destination without feeling stressed and shattered!!
Average consumption on our Peak District trip over 160 miles including those steep hills was 35mpg. Not bad for a new car. The 2ltr diesel pumps out 150bhp and 360nm of torque and the Korando will tow up to 2000kgs. What a cracking value for money tow vehicle!!

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Ssangyong Korando xDi 200 aut. [4WD] and Bailey

Ken reviewed on 19 June 2015 a Ssangyong Korando xDi 200 aut. [4WD] (175 PS/129 Kw, Year: 2011 - 2016) with a Bailey Unicorn III Valencia of 1493 kg.

I have just bought my second Korando so I must like them. My first car was the top spec 2.0 Automatic. It is without doubt the best towcar I have ever owned and I have had several. I think its a good looking car and I was currently using it to tow a Bailey Seville for which it is a perfect match. I only really use it for towing and in the three years I had it I drove 16,500 miles.

Ok, so lets start with the negatives.

The dealership network is is not very extensive so be prepared to be towed some distance to find a dealer if things go wrong. I never suffered a breakdown.

I had problems with the radio crackling which needed a unit changed on warranty.

I had problems with the auto transmission manual mode in that in its 3rd year the manual switch up and down would not always work. I often switch into manual on steep inclines. It always works if your speed is low but the higher the intial speed the more flakey it gets. I realise an auto will not switch down if your going to fast but I was not. It was looked at by my dealer who stated they could not replicate the fault.

Just as I approached its first MOT the auto box started not responding when first put into drive or reverse. Normally it engages quickly but its started waiting for maybe 2 to 4 seconds before taking up drive. It does this once when you start it but after that its fine. I won't get to see how that pans out as I have swapped it in for a new car.

The worst thing about the auto box was that when your pulling out at a busy junction there is a brief delay between accelerator going down and the car setting off. Its very disconcerting. This steadily improved the more miles it had done and by the time I Px it I would say it was almost normal. I can confirm that the latest model does not have this characteristic.

Finally the MPG is pants and I averaged circa 29 mpg when towing. As an interesting aside I also test drove the manual version which averaged 47 mpg which I thought was excellent. That has 25hp less than the auto though.

Now the positives.

Its a tough little 4x4 with good ground clearance and absolutley no problems on muddy ground or snow. When I first got it I rather stupidly tested it in fairly deep snow and it performed marvellously. I even came across and Mitsubishi Shogun that had left the road on a bend and got stuck. The Korando actually towed him out with him using his 4x4 as well.

The car is fast if you want to put your foot down but be careful in bends as it has a lot of lean. I am more a slow and sure type of driver so its never been an issue for me.

The load capacity is good with the seats down but the car is almost full when it comes to going away with the caravan. I tend to put all my water containers etc in the back of the car rather than the van.

I love the car and I have committed to another one. In that sector of the market nothing can touch the Korando for pulling power. Its also compatable with ATC trailer control and the new LED lights now being fitted to the vans.

I hope this is of some use.

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Ssangyong Korando xDi 200 [4WD] and Bailey

Phil Laird reviewed on 19 April 2015 a Ssangyong Korando xDi 200 [4WD] (175 PS/129 Kw, Year: 2011 - 2016) with a Bailey Olympus 540-5 of 1450 kg.

Just bought the Korando a few weeks ago as I needed to replace my Sportage and needed a powerful car that could double as a family run around. Very pleased with the Korando its lovely to drive on motorway as well as around town. It tows lovely sometimes not even remembering I am towing almost 1.5 tonnes behind me.
I would recommend giving this car a look if you are thinking of buying a new car, you get a lot of car for your money.Economy looks pretty good too.

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Ssangyong Korando e-xDi 200 [4WD] and Swift

Brian Phillips reviewed on 11 January 2015 a Ssangyong Korando e-xDi 200 [4WD] (150 PS/110 Kw, Year: 2013 - 2016) with a Swift Challenger Sport 554 of 1420 kg.

We saw report on this Ssang Yong Korando winning best in class in Caravan Magazine.
Having towed our Swift with a Ford x Max for a year or so we did find difficulty in getting off Certified Sites whe the conditions were not perfect !
Although the origional Korando that won the best in class was a 2wd we felt a 4wd would be a better option and how right we were !
Grovebury Cars our local Ssang Yong dealership in Tring were very helpful and allowed us to take a long test drive in their demonstator and the only thing that was of concern was would it fit on the drive ? No problem there and after a brief haggle over Part Exchange for the S max we took the Korado on our hoilday with the Swift the next day !!
Wow what a towcar !! I can honestly say I forgot I had a caravan behind me due to the towing capacity ( 2000kg ) that the Korado has throughout the range. It drove smoothly and comfortably with no dramas on arring on site to a frozen wet sloping grass pitch I just sected Diff Lock and had one of the most stress free park ups in years.
Without the caravan the Korado gives a comfortable and extreemly well equiped ride having all the extras as standard.
If you are looking for a very capable towcar then do have a look at this very well equiped AWD car you may be pleasantly surprised as it compares very well with other cars in it's class.

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Ssangyong Korando xDi 200 and Weinsberg

Franz reviewed on 07 March 2014 a Ssangyong Korando xDi 200 (175 PS/129 Kw, Year: 2011 - 2016) with a Weinsberg CaraOne 400 LK of 1000 kg.

Awesome car.

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Ssangyong Korando xDi 200 aut. and Swift

Wayne Fitzsimons reviewed on 12 November 2013 a Ssangyong Korando xDi 200 aut. (175 PS/129 Kw, Year: 2011 - 2016) with a Swift Charisma 535 of 1322 kg.

I highly recommend this vehicle for towing caravans such as our Swift Charisma 535. We find the all wheel drive is needed in our New Zealand Department of Conservation camps and it works well. Our roads are mainly steep up and downs with the odd long straight. Our Korando averages between twelve to thirteen litres per hundred kilometres at speeds of eighty to ninety kph and averages thirteen to fourteen litres per hundred kilometres at speeds of ninety to one hundred kph.

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Ssangyong Korando xDi 200 and Lunar

Rominyogi reviewed on 11 September 2013 a Ssangyong Korando xDi 200 (175 PS/129 Kw, Year: 2011 - 2016) with a Lunar Lexon EB of 1370 kg.

Great value for money and a brilliant stable tow car.

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Ssangyong Korando 2.9 TD and Eriba

Antonio reviewed on 20 July 2008 a Ssangyong Korando 2.9 TD (120 PS/88 Kw, Year: 1999 - 2007) with a Eriba Nova GL/SL 435 of 1350 kg.

Pulls well, consume: 8/9 km to a liter at 90, 100 km/h.

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Ssangyong Korando 2.9 TD and Wilk

Willem reviewed on 20 February 2007 a Ssangyong Korando 2.9 TD (120 PS/88 Kw, Year: 1999 - 2007) with a Wilk S4-560 DM of 1536 kg.

tows like a dream

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Ssangyong Korando 2.9 TD and Jurgens

Willem reviewed on 17 February 2007 a Ssangyong Korando 2.9 TD (120 PS/88 Kw, Year: 1999 - 2007) with a Jurgens Palma of 1390 kg.

pulls like a sea tug will pull what ever you hook to it at 6-7km to a liter

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