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Subaru Outback

Subaru Outback 2.0D aut. and Bailey

Roger reviewed on 31 August 2015 a Subaru Outback 2.0D aut. (150 PS/110 Kw, Year: 2014 - 2015) with a Bailey Unicorn Cadiz of 1498 kg.

Baily cadiz 2 not happy towing, Cadiz 3 towing excellent big improvement.

experienced hgv1 driver

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Subaru Outback 2.0D and Coachman

Steve whitnall reviewed on 01 July 2011 a Subaru Outback 2.0D (150 PS/110 Kw, Year: 2009 - 2015) with a Coachman Pastiche 460/2 of 1400 kg.

I have had the caravan for 5 years & the car for 2 & a half.The Subaru is a brilliant towcar,very stable & powerful.I had a BMW 320dse previously & the Subaru beats it hands down as a towcar.Average mpg on a very recent trip to Italy was 29.7 mpg.This was with a fully loaded car & 2 mountain bikes on carriers on the roof rack.Altogether an excellent car.

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Subaru Outback 2.5i aut. and Bailey

Tom reviewed on 27 September 2008 a Subaru Outback 2.5i aut. (173 PS/127 Kw, Year: 2007 - 2009) with a Bailey Pageant S6 Burgundy of 1380 kg.

Pulled my van easily but it was at a price! The engine struggled to maintain top gear because of the automatic box changing down at the earliest sign of you resting your foot on the throttle! Third was used 90% of the time making the engine rev highly and noisily! Consequently the fuel consumption, which isn't the best anyway, drops by 30% to around 19 mpg. Not the best car to retain it's value, either. Mine was one year old, 7500 miles, I was the third owner and I lost 6000 in three months! I prefer the low down torque of the diesel so I have gone back to the CRV, a far more capable machine.

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