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Suzuki Alto

Suzuki Alto 1.1 and Fleetwood

Patrick fitzjohn reviewed on 22 December 2007 a Suzuki Alto 1.1 (63 PS/46 Kw, Year: 2002 - 2006) with a Fleetwood Heritage 640-ESD TA of 1625 kg.

i was sold this outfit by a reputable dealer when i was a bit green (first outfit) but to be honest although i found it a bit of a struggle up and the hills of north yourkshire in particullar Tintwhistle. i enjoyed the sheer driving experience the engine was purring when we were going down hill but going up hill wasnt good (blisters to prove it )on the way up to wick from maidstone we stopped for a meal at scotch corner i restriced everyone to a main course ONLY so they didnt weigh too much then on the road again i got waffted by a giant lorry and this caused me to snake like hell i was weaving about like an eel then a lorry came from the opposite direction and righted me we thought our number was up overall a quiet journey and uneventful performance from an average outfit match i would go again but would i return ????????
(Comment Webmaster: great story Spike;) )

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