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Toyota Corolla

Toyota Corolla Hb 2.0 D4-D and Caravan

Rob Sexton reviewed on 26 April 2008 a Toyota Corolla Hb 2.0 D4-D (90 PS/66 Kw, Year: 2001 - 2004) with a Caravan leeg: 1250 kg of 1075 kg.

There are two types of Corolla diesel estate knocking about in 04, with different engines. I ended up with the lower powered one, at 89 BHP

My caravan is a 94 Craftsman Majestic which is difficult to collect data for online as the company has gone bust. I'm not entirely sure quite what it weighs.

I'm new to caravanning, and find pulling the beast harder than expected with my car. I get a lot of sway above 55mph. I don't pack the van, and made sure last time I travelled with very little water on board which made a huge difference. I would be reluctant to get an awing due to the extra weight.

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Toyota Corolla Hb 1.6 VVT-i and Caravan

Paul reviewed on 20 March 2007 a Toyota Corolla Hb 1.6 VVT-i (110 PS/81 Kw, Year: 2002 - 2007) with a Caravan of 1000 kg.

Outfit is very stable even without a stabiliser. Car could do with more power when moving off up steep hills. Economy not so good. Steady 55mph on flat = 25mpg.

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