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Toyota Previa

Toyota Previa 2.0 D4-D and Hobby

Callum reviewed on 30 May 2011 a Toyota Previa 2.0 D4-D (116 PS/85 Kw, Year: 2001 - 2005) with a Hobby Prestige 560 UFe of 1570 kg.

I'm towing a Hobby prestige 560 UFe with a 2005 2.0 D4d T2. tows fine but could do with a little bit more power , still gives reasionable fuel consumption if you take it sensable it will still turn in 30mpg.

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Toyota Previa 2.0 D4-D and Compass

Eddie A reviewed on 10 May 2011 a Toyota Previa 2.0 D4-D (116 PS/85 Kw, Year: 2001 - 2005) with a Compass Corona 472 of 1240 kg.

Like the others, mine is the import version, a 1994 Estima Emina 2.2TD Automatic 4wd. It tows my 1999 Compass Rallye like it isn't there!. Sits all day at 60mph and is quite happy. Very stable outfit. As has been said, push it too hard and it drinks fuel.Only one notice: look after the cooling system ;-)

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Toyota Previa 2.4 16v VVT-i aut. and Lunar

Steve Pearce reviewed on 09 August 2009 a Toyota Previa 2.4 16v VVT-i aut. (156 PS/115 Kw, Year: 2001 - 2005) with a Lunar Quasar 566 of 1345 kg.

Hi, Just read the What Tow Car review for a unit I am thinking of buying. Although they do not list the caravan - Lunar Ultima 615L I used a similar caravan. Looking at the review I will not be using top gear unless on a complete flat / down hill run, This will make the fuel consumption really poor - I think my V8 Land Rover was cheaper to run. The review also says that this will be lively and at the top of a hill first - I cant do that without towing - I have towed caravans for about 20 years - and know what to expect - and this is not one! I have also converted the Previa to LPG and can not notice a performance reduction - only reduction is what you pay at the pump! My Previa is the fully loaded version - Front Climate / Rear AC / built in DVD / Sat Nav / Cruise / Leather / Twin Sunroof / Privicy Glass / and all that "nice to have" and is a real pleasure to drive. If buying one - be prepared to drive like an "old man on Sunday" it wont out run a snail - but you don't buy a MPV of this size for it's performance!
Build Quality - Excellent
Looks - Great on the outside - typical Modern car on the inside - boring!
Reliability - One sensor failed in 20k miles - really good
Service interval - 10000 miles / 12 months
Fuel - LPG 25 for 200 miles on a run
LPG 25 for 180 miles Town
Petrol 70 for 225 miles on a run
Petrol 70 for 200 miles Town
Would I buy another - this is my second Previa - Superb vehicle for what I need - just dont expect to be the first to arrive!

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Toyota Previa 2.0 D4-D and Caravan

Martin reviewed on 16 July 2009 a Toyota Previa 2.0 D4-D (116 PS/85 Kw, Year: 2001 - 2005) with a Caravan leeg: 750 kg of 1100 kg.

Like Eddie I tow with a Jap import this time the Estima Emina 2.2dt manual box this car tows well. I have Fleetwood Colchester 1500/5es (1100kg) and it will sit all day at 60mph road conditions permitting and goes up hills just as well (Garrowby Hill & Whitwell Hill A64 in third & fourth) and returns about 25mpg towing, 30mpg normal. only problem with this car is it has a low ratio box doesn't like anything above 70mph as the turbo really kicks in and drinks fuel like a artic.

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Toyota Previa 2.0 D4-D and Lunar

Eddie brown reviewed on 18 January 2009 a Toyota Previa 2.0 D4-D (116 PS/85 Kw, Year: 2001 - 2005) with a Lunar Lexon 575 EB of 1410 kg.

I actually use a japanese toyota lucida, 2.2l turbo deisel, and it tows the lunar as fast as it can go, without any sway, windy or not, and it is a superb towing machine, with every mod-con.

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