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Volkswagen Bora 1.9 TDI pd and Sterling

dazza reviewed on a Volkswagen Bora 1.9 TDI pd (85 Kw/116 bhp year: august 1999 - may 2001) and a Sterling Europa 490 of (laden) 1333 kg.

i recently bought a vw bora tdi se (pd)
to tow my sreling europa 490 2001 model
i found that the nose weight of the caravan was very heavy on the rear of the car and the car could of benefited from heavy duty rear shocks but the car pulled the caravan like if there were nothing on the back
well recommended for towing this caravan but you would need to upgrade the rear shocks to heavy duty due to the nose weight

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Volkswagen Bora 1.9 TDI pd and Abbey

MR.G EVANS reviewed on a Volkswagen Bora 1.9 TDI pd (96 Kw/131 bhp year: april 2001 - september 2005) and a Abbey GTS Vogue 216 of (laden) 1305 kg.

IT pulls van very well never had any problems exept reversing up incline clutch over heated a bit but all ok

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