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Volvo C70 D5 aut. and Lunar

jack reviewed on a Volvo C70 D5 aut. (132 Kw/180 bhp year: june 2006 - december 2013) and a Lunar Clubman SB of (laden) 1450 kg.

We travelled to Lake Garda in Italy and the Volvo had more than enough power to cope with any of the h0ills on our route. With a return of 29.5 miles per gallon I was more than satisfied.

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Volvo C70 D5 aut. and Coachman

John Ingram reviewed on a Volvo C70 D5 aut. (132 Kw/180 bhp year: june 2006 - december 2013) and a Coachman VIP 520/4 of (laden) 1590 kg.

I like the combination of Volvo C70 & Coachman 520/4, although this towing report indicates we are running @ 90% instead of the 85% recommended, there are only two of us and with a single gas cylinder, the bunk beds stripped out and other weight saving measures we cope well and the ratio is actually nearer to 85%.

The car tows the van very well with ample power (180 BHP TD5) and more than enough torque to keep us travelling at legal max speed where safe, and certainly quicker than a lot of heavier units with lower engine power output.

The Coachman 520/4 suits the two of us well, it has a good size lounge area, we sleep on the front seats as single beds, the beds are made up in about 2 minutes flat, the kitchen layout is very well thought out, we use the central 2 seat dining area for eating and additional food preparation, there is also a good size worktop between the central dining area and the front lounge, the rear bathroom is a good size with a very usable separate shower, although we normally use on-site facilities if they are clean.

In France 2008 no towing problems were encountered even on fairly steep hills, the auto box works a treat, with very smooth and virtually unnoticeable gear changes.

This year (2009) we are going to Mojacar, Spain which is approximately 1500 miles each way, 2010 we are planning to venture to Morocco with any luck.

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