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Volvo V40 1.9D and Sprite

Tom reviewed on a Volvo V40 1.9D (85 Kw/116 bhp year: may 2002 - june 2004) and a Sprite Finesse 2 of (laden) 1147 kg.

The Volvo V40 1.9D Sport is a great tow car for my combination (Sprite Finesse2). It has enough power in most driving situations. Have decent amount of torque to accelerate if necessary. Cruises nicely on the flat in fifth gear. Manages inclines and hills very well. For best fuel economy I drive at 50mph. I find the best nose weight is 50-55 Kg anything above and the rear suspension appears to drop. Towing with this car is a pleasure.

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Volvo V40 1.9 TD and Sprite

cooper reviewed on a Volvo V40 1.9 TD (66 Kw/90 bhp year: january 1997 - january 1999) and a Sprite Major 6 of (laden) 1375 kg.

i have towed this outfit for 5 years with out any problems. its can be slow going up a gradient but will get there, on motorways it willl keep a steady 60 up slight gradients. gear changes can be quite frequent.

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Volvo V40 2.0 and Swift

phil reviewed on a Volvo V40 2.0 (103 Kw/140 bhp year: june 1996 - may 1999) and a Swift Challenger 520 of (laden) 1391 kg.

i was told this car would pull my 530 se no problem!(only if you have plentey of clean underpants in the van) don't even think about it as it is very dangerus buy a 4x4 insted

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Volvo V40 1.9D and Bailey

jackie shove reviewed on a Volvo V40 1.9D (85 Kw/116 bhp year: may 2000 - may 2002) and a Bailey Ranger 540/6 of (laden) 1260 kg.

Slugish combination. my volvo struggles but does manage it even up steep inclines. it doesn't like long motorway inclines when i feel the need to get out of car and push!!! im also looking for more suibtable tow car

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Volvo V40 1.9D and Abbey

Jack Currie reviewed on a Volvo V40 1.9D (85 Kw/116 bhp year: may 2000 - may 2002) and a Abbey GTS Vogue 216 of (laden) 1255 kg.

A disappointing outfit. Acceleration from start is good and smooth acceleration to about 45mph. Thereafter, the car struggles to reach 55mph and would not pull at 60 on the motorway in windless conditions. Considering change of car.

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Volvo V40 T4 and Sprite

Andre du Plessis reviewed on a Volvo V40 T4 (147 Kw/200 bhp year: september 1997 - may 2002) and a Sprite Swing of (laden) 1100 kg.

I have towed a Sprite Splash with my Volvo S40 T4 and have always towed in 4th gear at 100km/hr (60mph). I engage the cruise control and enjoy the scenery. The volvo is a little soft on the rear suspension but with careful packing this can be over come. I now have a Sprite Swing so the towing is even easier. When towing a caravan the holiday starts after hitching the van. No need to drive faster than 100km/hr. You will only gain 30 minutes (if towing at 120kms) after towing for 500km. Is it really worth the risk to you and your family? Enjoy your camping!

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