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Volvo V60

Volvo V60 T8 PHEV Polestar and Adria

Mr Craven reviewed on 16 August 2023 a Volvo V60 T8 PHEV Polestar (390 PS/287 Kw, Year: 2018 --->) with a Adria Adora 613 DT Isonzo of n.a. kg.

Having towed with Volvo XC60 2.4cc D5,then a V90D5 2.0ltr Now this V60 2.0ltr Supercharged, Turbo charged /Hybrid, The power to weight ratio is way more than needed. Tows extremely well, 30-32mpg. which seems really good but is true. The sheer weight with the hybrid batteries is a bonus for stability.
(Polestar Engineered )
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Volvo V60 CC D4 AWD and Adria

Agu reviewed on 22 May 2021 a Volvo V60 CC D4 AWD (190 PS/140 Kw, Year: 2018 - 2020) with a Adria Adora 462/472 UP of n.a. kg.

Changed to Volvo V60CC from Subaru Outback 2.0D. Also, installed the additional Polestar tuning for 440 Nm torque / 147 kW. Volvo is now near perfect for towing, the engine manages effortlessly in most situations and it feels safe towing.

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Volvo V60 D6 TwinEngine and Tabbert

AdriPiq reviewed on 02 May 2021 a Volvo V60 D6 TwinEngine (283 PS/208 Kw, Year: 2015 - 2018) with a Tabbert Vivaldi 560 EMK of n.a. kg.

The combination seems very stable, even at high speeds.
The car drives smoothly as if there is no caravan behind.
At lower speeds on flat roads, you can run only with the electric motor (pure mode)
I have not yet driven in side winds, but when some bus drives faster and overtakes you I don't feel anything.
While parking on mud, AWD is the solution, and works pretty well.
The electric range is critically reduced, and the fuel consumption is high (10 L/100km) but it is manageable.

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Volvo V60 CC D4 AWD aut. and Lunar

Jim w reviewed on 15 December 2017 a Volvo V60 CC D4 AWD aut. (190 PS/140 Kw, Year: 2015 - 2018) with a Lunar Quasar 674 of 1530 kg.

Had car and van out last week. This is first time I had towed with the Volvo. Been towing for 20 years. Last 4 cars have all been sskoda superb auto. Great tow cars but have to say the Volvo V60 cc auto with AWD is best towcar I have ever driven. It is great even in the snow. Performed without a problem. Had to park on unsalted snow covered hill as I was taking van into storage and it picked away without any trouble at all. No slipping or anything. Last time with Superb, I had to get tractor to take van in as I got stuck in snow. Boot is a bit small but I can certainly live with that in what is a great tow-car. All in all, I am really pleased with the Volvo and hope to Make good use of it to enjoy my retirement.

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Volvo V60 D3 and Eriba

Brian Wilson reviewed on 12 July 2015 a Volvo V60 D3 (163 PS/120 Kw, Year: 2010 - 2013) with a Eriba Touring Triton 430 GT of 1000 kg.

This outfit tows extremely well. It never snakes, but you must ensure that the weight on the towball is at least 60kg, otherwise you can get slight pitching, but otherwise it couldn't tow better.

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Volvo V60 D5 aut. and Swift

Andy Tudor reviewed on 11 February 2014 a Volvo V60 D5 aut. (215 PS/158 Kw, Year: 2011 - 2013) with a Swift Challenger Sport 584 of 1408 kg.

I have the dealer special Coastline Classic 584 which weighs about 25kg more than the Sport. The stability and performance is great, no issues at all. I've been towing well over 20 years with a variety of vans and tugs.
Fuel consumption around 27mpg, Speed has a whopping effect on consumption with this car, solo or touring - so driving at 3mph less can have a major impact. So I try and find a truck on the motorway doing 60 and follow him - that also radically reduces drag and 30-31mpg is easily achievable.
As the van is fairly long, and some site entrances have tight turns, it's of benefit to have a shorter car with enough weight, and without going to an SUV this is one of the shorter cars that weighs in close to 1700kg to give a massive range of potential vans to safely pull.
Power and torque and immense from this engine, solo or towing, very luxurious inside (Se Lux Nav model) - highly recommended.

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Volvo V60 D5 aut. and Abbey

John Ball reviewed on 10 July 2013 a Volvo V60 D5 aut. (215 PS/158 Kw, Year: 2011 - 2013) with a Abbey GTS 416 of 1545 kg.

Fuel consumption when towing averaging 25.5 mpg over a mixture of motorway and A & B roads. Have now towed in strong winds and on motorways being overtaken by heavy vehicles and No stability problems. Superb tow car.

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Volvo V60 D5 aut. and Abbey

John Ball reviewed on 03 May 2013 a Volvo V60 D5 aut. (215 PS/158 Kw, Year: 2011 - 2013) with a Abbey GTS 416 of 1545 kg.

Towed with an XC70 163 bhp before the V60 and I was a little worried that lack of self levelling suspension and reduced kerbside weight would be a problem. I need not have worried the V60 tows like a train with immense power and superb low down torque through an auto box that does its best to prevent the torque converter from treading oil. Stability is impressive as is the 90 Kg nose weight on the tow ball. Hill starts are a breeze with the geartronic coupled with an auto handbrake and the sports mode is awesome for getting along quickly when the need arises. I have not done sufficient towing as yet to give an accurate account of fuel consumption, but I will report back as and when I have covered sufficient miles to give a reasonable assessment. The tow bracket was fitted by Volvo and comes with stability control but as yet I have not perceived its operation as the outfit seems so stable.

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