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Audi A3 Sportback 35 TFSI and Eriba

Colin reviewed on 23-04-2020 a Audi A3 Sportback 35 TFSI (110 Kw/150 bhp year: may 2019 - up to now) and a Eriba Touring Triton 430 of (laden) 1000 kg.

This is the first petrol towcar I've used with a caravan and I was a bit concerned with making the swap form diesel. After a diesel Touran and Yeti the Audi A3 petrol is a revelation. towing a 1200kg Triton [not 1000kg as above] I get the same economy figures with a lot more go. 37mpg running light down to 32mpg fully loaded are typical figures. The car [manual] will sit in 6th on cruise control with the van no problem. My previous diesels with the same torque could not manage this. The petrol engine is far more flexible. The boot is deceptively large, even with a spacesaver wheel. As a towcar it is suprisingly stable and solo good fun to drive, but if you are sensible/boring high 60's mpg are possible on a long motorway run sticking to 56mph. The interior is a very nice place to be in, although the leather seats did take a few thousand miles to break in.
If you have a lightweight van then this car has to be a car to consider that you would easily have ignored.

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