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Volvo XC90 B5 and Bailey

Scott reviewed on 28-06-2020 a Volvo XC90 B5 (173 Kw/235 bhp year: may 2019 - 2020) and a Bailey Unicorn Cadiz of (laden) 1490 kg.

This is my first Volvo, changed from a Freelander 2. The Volvo has bags of room with excellent comfort. Tech is right up there but the lack of USB ports (only 2 with Apple car play) is a bit of a bummer. The sat nav could be better.
Driving solo I can just about get 50mpg on the motorway, towing brings this down to 28mpg. The car & van outfit is very very stable, you only get a slight sensation of the suck push when a lorry passes a little too close. Even though the car is a 2 ltr I was surprised at how well it pulled the van up a very steep hill from a standing start, what made it even more impressive was that the hill had 2 sets of sleeping policemen so I just couldn’t floor it.
Passing slower traffic while towing is effortless.

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