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Landrover Freelander Td4 aut. and Hobby

Jannr reviewed on 24-07-2020 a Landrover Freelander Td4 aut. (82 Kw/112 bhp year: october 2000 - december 2006) and a Hobby Prestige 650 UMFe of (laden) 1800 kg.

Caravan max laden weight 1900kg, with ALDE liquid cirqulation heating system and nordic/winter options. Stability with Winterhoff crimp towing head and bogie/tandem axle caravan chassis is surprisingly good. No problem to keep on cruising speed 85km/h on highways and motorways. Overtaking lorries, trucks and buses making no effort. Heavy sidewind makes to feel it, not starting outfit snaking.
Automatic transmission keeps on 5th gear on flat and small climbs. Smaller than 4th gear has not been necessary to use in quite steep hills of Southern Savonia area (Mikkeli). 70km/h speed is applicable in these conditions.
4wd with ATV tires are very helpful on gravel roads climbs, as well as wet grass camping areas.

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