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Volvo XC60 D4 and Swift

Lee reviewed on 25-07-2020 a Volvo XC60 D4 (140 Kw/190 bhp year: april 2018 - 2020) and a Swift Conqueror 630 of (laden) 1770 kg.

I have been searching for a towing review of this car to no avail. So decided to write one of my own. This car is a superb towing vehicle. With the upgraded D4 engine (197 bhp and 420Nm torque, which happens to be the same figures as the mark 1 2014 XC90 which we had previously) with the additional 14hp and 40Nm torque available when pulling away and accelerating, care of the 10KW electric motor/generator it has more than enough grunt to pull our twin axle Caravan. With all the added safety features that Volvo put into this car, why would you want anything else. A lovely, safe and strong car. Well done Volvo!

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