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Lexus RX300 and Lunar

Alan reviewed on 12-08-2020 a Lexus RX300 (164 Kw/223 bhp year: october 2000 - may 2003) and a Lunar Lexon 640 RS of (laden) 1525 kg.

I've been driving this combo since mid 2018, on eight trips thus far. Even fully laden the RX manages the Lunar very well indeed. Plenty of grunt for the hills and the occasional overtake, 18-19 mpg at 55 mph (does drop precipitously at anything much faster). To accommodate the 75kg noseweight we put the gas bottles in the back of the car and load the 'van carefully - it's quite stable under most conditions up to around 60-65 mph and no problem at all under even sharp braking.

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